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Trap and Gap Brik Tower – 19 pcs

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Product Code BTY410

This trap and gap brik tower features stackable base plates with trap doors and ramps for vehicles. This set allows the children to create their own concepts and then see these through to completion with simple construction. Children are able to design and build parking garages, castles, office blocks and houses as well as other unique designs they want to try. This brik tower set includes grey, green and blue colours which are great for differentiating each of the levels and this is also great for explaining to the children that car parks have different colours on each level to make finding your car easier. This set is great for the children to build multiple levels as they learn about basic building and engineering concepts such as support beams and columns. Each of the pieces easily connect together with the pegs which makes building and changing designs easy while providing consistent functionality for the children to create their unique designs. Each of the pieces in the brik tower set are made in a durable plastic design which means they maintain their shape over time while being able to take wear and tear on a daily basis. This also makes each of the pieces lightweight for the children to handle and easy to clean and disinfect to prevent the spread of germs. Each plate measures 25.5(W) x 25.5(L)cm. Includes 4 plates and 15 stackers. Compatible with leading brick construction sets. Ages 3+ years.

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